after seeing this on a billion blogs, i fell to peer pressure and tried
out this little website takes your name in and generates an
acronym complete with your personality traits. quite correct, all of
it. these guys are some kind of sorcerors.

P Perverse
E Elitist
T Terrific
E Eccentric
R Relaxed

Name Acronym Generator

man, am i tired..i had lots of energy in the gym at 5:30..but when I get to work..hooboy. EDIT: still very tired. I wonder if it’d be ok if I fell asleep in my cubical?

as per my blog entry about smells, i got some testers of a couple new colognes (thanks jess & drea
for the suggestions). I had previously worn hugo and hei and i’m
getting tired of them. i always get testers before I buy anything, cuz’
most of the time a cologne will smell great in the store just spritzing
it in the air, but will smell like fresh cow dung on me when I
wear it. my first test candidates are romance by ralph lauren and
chrome azzaro. i’m wearing romance today and it smells decent, albeit
quite strong.

got my 2 corrupt system shirts today..wooooooo….now I can be cool
too! and the band’s first superfan wanted one too, so I got him one, also.