welp, last night i was out at the bar watching nekrekker get down with
his bad side. he used to play with morally sound, and since morally is
splitting up, they had a last show where lots of the old musicians got
up and played a set with morally.

nekrekker was in fine form.
not only was he wearing a corrupt system shirt and advertising us, but
he was really thrashing hardcore. we were lucky to get such a talented
and passionate fellow to frontline our band. and he fits into our sort
of mentality..touring is going to be less stressful with our group of

heehee, they were feeding that fucker booze on stage like it was
gushing out of the taps and they couldn’t turn it off. poor guy is laid
out today, I betcha.

this all makes me a little hungrier to do
this band thing, to see those guys up there beating the shit out of
themselves and their instruments for the fans. not that it is a
competition, (we play domination better than they do. )
but I feel our songs are stronger and better constructed already than
morally’s line ever was, and we don’t have any superegos trying to
control it. we all work together..which may be slow, but will pay off,
I feel.

got the photos up I took when I wasn’t gawking at wierd tattooed goth girls, or just the plain frilly ones.

once again, good set nekrekker. good canada day mosh pitting, everyone.