i tried to cut back on the blogging of useless stuff, but oh well. going cold turkey is hard.

speaking of turkey, i did another mammoth cookathon tonite. instead of cooking dinner everynight, I try to get a huge value pack of chicken and beef and do up a week’s worth of meals at a time. i’m rather liking this approach better. tonight I did up like 6 tupperware containers of ground beef meals. for tacos, with mushroom sauce, and stroganoff. much easier, I think.

and speaking of thinking, where did the two live crew go? with lyrics like
"you said it yourself, you like it like I do. put your lips on my dick and suck my asshole too!" –
you’d think these guys would be around forever. yeah, obscene, whatever. it’s just like marilyn manson or extreme spam email. it’s so obscene it’s funny. you have to laugh at the brashness.

i helped nekrekker move tonight to his new digs. he and yoko will have a fun time settling down. i’m glad i’m done with moving!

oh yeah, shoutout to my buddy bender. he’s new to the blog world.

it’s late..and 5am comes way too early.