I’ve had this entry in my head forever. Since work sucks, it’s
lunchtime, and I’m done shoveling food into my yap, I’ll go ahead.

The weekend following Canada day weekend is marked in my calendar to
celebrate Saskatchewan’s 100th anniversary as a province in Canada. As
far as I can see it, my province is regarded as a little guy in the
national scope of things. Saskatchewan, well, we’re the nice hunk of
symmetrical earth sitting in dead central Canada.

Population figures vary, but right now, we’re sitting at around one
million people. Definitely not big, especially considering Germany is
nearly our size and is home to 90 million people. We have a short
history, our people being made up of mostly (still to this day) of
descendants of Ukrainian, French, German, and other European settlers
who came to this great country and province to get a piece of land to
farm on.

We don’t have a lot of tourism draws, which can be
nice and, crappy at the same time. Our weather can be rather painful,
with 35s in the summer and -45s in the winter, and sometimes our
landscape can be a bit, well, flat and uninspiring. There are places
I’ve been with my Dad where he said, "Son, if you had a house here, you
could watch your dog run away from home for days".

due to our small size and the recent troubles with mad-cow disease and
poor crops, our economy is shrinking, and it seems many of the jobs and
people are leaving, and not wanting to come back. I myself have left a
few times, to live in Alberta, and in Europe, but I’ll always come
back. This is my home, and I love it here. I’ll tell you why.

One reason is the people. As a general rule, the farming backbone of
Saskatchewan has produced some truly great people. We’re generally
regarded as people who toil and sweat for hours to come home to
hardship and grin. We can get a 2 degree day in April and have a
Bar-B-Q outside because the weather is so great. Our people appreciate
where they have come from, what they have, and are willing to give the
shirt off their back to someone in need that they don’t even know.
Saskatchewanians are short on complaining and long on action. We know
how to relax, respect, play, laugh and are as friendly as any of the citizens of any other place on earth I’ve visited.

Another thing that grabs me is all of the nice little surprises in the
province. Our urban centers are uncluttered and uncrammed, evoking
images from John Candy’s Canadian Bacon. Our parklands are a
breathtaking world apart from our normally flat land, ranging from deep
valleys gouged by glacier activity, thick evergreen forests, clear
serene lakes and rivers, and even sand-dunes resembling the world’s
wildest desserts. All of them, teaming with wildlife and flora and
fauna adding to their natural beauty. I’d invite anyone to come and
experience the province and see for themselves that we are not
have-nots, but indeed, haves in spades. In conclusion, on the weekend
of July 8th, I will be not only be enjoying the company of
great friends and remembering the great memories I’ve built here, but
celebrating my part in the history of this young great province.

and i’ll be drunker than Homer Simpson when it’s free beer night at Moe’s.