thought you caught up, didn’t you? don’t worry, the ol’ cerebral tickle trunk is always full of goodies.

yes, another week of poop. but there’s canada day coming up which robyns
is apparently tickled pink about. (either that, or the availability of
cotton candy?) and, thankfully canada day makes the work week short.
thankfully, because I seem to have launched a scud missile from my
nose. and when I say scud missile, I mean ridiculously absurd sized
pimple that is going to take a week to go away, at least. i think the
people at the office are trying tofigure out what exploded there. it’s
ugly. haha, terrance and phillip.."Ugly Bob, you are hideously ugly.
Your face looks like someone tried to put out a forest fire with a


challenged me to some sort of ‘insanity’ duel. the child in me says I
need to compete and likes the sugary frosting, but the grownup in me
says I don’t have to do anything that terrifies me, and likes the
wholesome nutrition. yah, I dunno.

likes the little mermaid, spongebob, llamas, and sex in the city.
onnne of these things is not like the of these things is
kinda insane..can you guess which one just doesn’t belong here? now
it’s time to play ourrr game…(sick, i remember most of that sesame
street song)

(not sure if her space is public) has two cute little twin girls, and
an abundance of heartfelt and hearty stories to tell. she and her
husband are good friends of mine. her husband bender and I played
in a paddlin’ pool together when we were 5..we go way back.

yoko always
calls me pistol pete, and I hate that. i make the ‘chandler getting his
picture taken ugly face’ everytime I hear that nickname.

for those serious about the PC i’m selling (and are nerdy enough to understand this), here’s the specs.

  • pentium 3.0 ghz, overclocked to 3.3 ghz
  • onboard sound card
  • radeon 9800 pro 256 MB video card
  • 1GB RAM (memory)
  • dvd burner
  • cd burner
  • 360 GB HDD Space
  • tricked out modded case with window, many nifty case fans
  • wireless NIC (Wireless G)
  • gigabit ethernet
  • 500W power supply

for bonus points..(this is like ‘whose line is it anyways’, where the
points are made up and they don’t matter. yes, the points are as
useless as paul martin’s efforts to investigate the sponsorship
scandal) somebody tell me what these lyrics mean. i know the man is
trying to say something somewhere in here.

Eat your beets, recycle…recycle…
Don’t eat your beets, recycle…recycle
The message is; ‘THERE IS NO MESSAGE’
Babe, you better not ever think,
Staring into the drink…get out of my mind…
Cause I may not be the one to say,
is there no other way we could do this another day?
I saw God.
She said…’If you don’t believe me guaranteed you’ll never leave me’
On your way, and out of my time’
But I didn’t even know if it was true or just a result of chemicals
Shut up and think of something more important to say…
‘Sometimes I think that in every straight there’s a gay!’
Something or nothing a whole either way it’s a way,
It’s like your birthday, it’s on Earth Day,
Like a child you’re born again, little child you’re bored again…
It’s your worst fucking day, it’s on Earth Day…
Little lies to cover up…please make your mind up
Eat your beets, Recycle…recycle…

-Earth Day, Devin Townsend Band