and on the seventh day, the sabbath day, peter rested. he looked around at the burgers fuddruckers created and ordered a big one. peter saw that the burger was good, and he ate it.

I’m better now, thanks. once in awhile it’s good to acknowledge your negative feelings and do something about them so they don’t build up and break you. i still feel a little vulnerable posting it on here, though. there’s definately been content in this past i created that I pulled after some thought. i try to keep it real though. life isn’t all bunnies, butterflies and fluffy clouds, after all.

my next Visa crushing project is building a new computer. (now yell, NERD! NERD! get it out of your system.) yes, I’m tha nerd. i’m working on pricing stuff out now..pretty cool $2500 bux worth of hardware so far…eheheheh. on a completely unrelated note, anyone want to buy my old computer? it can kick your current computer’s ass, I promise. and probably your dad’s ass too.

EDIT: corrupt ‘Emeril’ Peter is in the kitchen, and kicking it up another notch! BAM! TAKE THAT CHICKEN! YOUR SISTER’S BREASTS ARE NEXT IN THE FRYIN’ PAN!
EDIT 2: there go my dreams of competing on Iron Chef. I added double the amount of water recommended to the wild rice and had to strain part way through. The rice shall be flavorless, and soggy. YAY! JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!
EDIT 3: Cool, lunches prepared for the rest of the week. I do believe this hot sauce is too much though. How do I know? Well, when I’m eating and I sweat profusely, tears are rolling out of my eyes, my nose is running, and my lips feel numb..that’s how I can tell a sauce is too hot.
EDIT 4: I’ve shortlisted a few Europe pictures I’d like to hang in the apartment, but I don’t have room for any more than 3 of them. I created a new album..input as to which 3 I should photoshop and get prints of?