WAHAAHAHAHAHA! i dunno, just wanted to laugh.

my fingernails are getting irritably long. one thing I forgot to move I guess, was a fingernail clipper. I need help moving big items like that, though. I may work out a lot, but I can’t just go lifting fingernail clippers by myself, I could hurt something. BWAHAHAHA. in a weird mood.

corrupt system was in the house yesterday for a practice, and that fucker nekrekker shows up with a corrupt system t-shirt with our logo on it! how COOL is that? official merchandise! (well, specially made one shot merchandise)

I attached the logo at bottom, what’s cool about the barcode is that to a barcode reader, the data you get from that barcode is ‘corrupt system’. nekrekker’s shirt was white with the logo on front. I think I’d try to get it on a black retro ball shirt with the logo on back, and the words ‘fuck you all’ in a slightly computerish font on front. I like to challenge people’s sensibilities! not that i’d wear it to church or anything, don’t worry. but would you stare if you saw someone wearing a shirt like that in a public place? would you make a comment about it’s inappropriateness?

BWAHAHAHAHA..i got some great spam today. The subject line: ‘Have there been times where your cum dribbled out and you wanted it to shoot out powerfully instead?’. Boy, have there ever been times like that! I can’t count them using a calculator! Why, just yesterday…er, oh, I’m typing this instead of thinking it…BWAHAHAHA

the moving process is just about done. one little box to unpack, stereo to setup,.. i also want to get some more large prints from my trip to europe and get them framed and hung, and then I have to tackle the furniture issue..YAY ME.

i am so ready for the weekend! josephine even has a shooter lined up just for me! she’s validating my ego, and it feels goooooood. i am powerful and mighty! bow to my corruptness! don’t play leapfrog with unicorns.