man, when I get hooked on a new song, I get "CRAZY, LISTEN TO THE SONG NON STOP IN MY HOUSE, IN THE GYM, IN MY CAR, IN MY OFFICE" hooked. I just heard Fear Factory’s Archetype for the first time yesterday (courtesy of nekrekker‘s music files, thanks mang)’s unbelievable how sonically tight FF it.

the song reaches me on a personal note because of the lyrics.. simplistic, but basically (to me) the writer is trying to tell someone close to him to ‘fucking wake up’. i think there’s a ridiculous amount of people that go through life with blinders on and don’t realize who they are hurting (yourself, and everyone you are in a relationship with) when they can’t let go of the past or their own perceived hangups. the past is not the present unless you live there.  anyways, I proclaim today national ‘Archetype’ day. check it out if you like metal.

this blogging has really came up with a few side benefits. i’ve met some really great people that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. i’ve had a few subtle and non-subtle compliments on my blog and my writing. thanks for that.. i have always written and will continue to do so. i’ve had poetry published, but I don’t think I’ll go any farther than that. writing is a brain dump for me is my real passion.

i’m trying to learn a new programming language today, so I will go back to doing that now