something a little different for my first entry my new apartment, on my new garbagey computer desk! it’s a story I think you’ll enjoy.

One day as Satan was travelling about the world, he heard whispers on the wind. The wind told him rumors of an old monk who lived on a hill nearby – and according to the rumors, nothing would bother the monk. Satan decided to see if the rumors were true and went to test the monk.

Satan took human form, and soon found the monk at the top of the hill meditating. He approached the monk and began a tirade, loudly insulting and verbally abusing him. This went on for quite some time, with Satan calling the monk every name in the book, insulting the monk’s family and friends, and recounting instances when the monk had failed in life. After several hours Satan realized the monk would not react to anything he was saying and gave up. He then asked the monk, "How is it that I can abuse you so much and you are not bothered?"

The monk just smiled at Satan, and asked, "When you attempt to give a person a gift, and they refuse it, to whom then does the gift belong?"

"Why, still with the giver, of course!", Satan quickly snapped back.

The monk smiled again, and added, "That is correct. Now – if I refuse to accept the abuse and cruelty you attempt to give me, to whom does that abuse and cruelty belong?"

Upon hearing these words, Satan turned away and left the monk alone to meditate. He knew the monk was right.

i like that story. great moral, isn’t it..?