boo, work.

Moving for the most part is done. After a major storm in cudworth, we got off to a slow start on Saturday, but eventually got everything done. Saturday was spent buying stuff for the apartment and helping my brother and his woman shop for their new house. man, I love those home depot and rona places. There’s so much stuff to buy, especially when you have a house of your own. I’m really excited for the both of them.

My first day back to work was good. i was pretty much given a pc to install and configure to my specs..heh..IT department doesn’t even bother doing that for me because I kick more ass than them. When I wasn’t doing that I had two meetings that I had a really hard time staying awake through. I got right into my ‘Saskatoon’ schedule where I left off, waking to hit the gym in the morning at 5:45..i’ll tell ya, my body just isn’t used to that time of the morning yet.

My apartment is nowhere even near unpacked and cleaned. i spent the last two (late) nights assembling a billion piece chest of drawers (the instructions were incorrect in one step and now I’ve got two cut unfinished sides of wood visible – damn cheap Wal-Mart stuff), putting up blinds and a set of verticals & valance, and doing various unpacking. Tonight I’m hoping to finish my computer desk and actually have the computer room cleaned and up and running. So yeah, I’m doing this from work and have visited some blogs as I’ve been waiting for stuff to install, but no home access yet..

I haven’t really had time to stop and take a breath, which is good and bad. I keep forgetting all the shit you need to make a place live-able, and have had to make many store trips. For example, i went for groceries and got meat and milk, but completely forgot to get butter and all the other little things. Another example – I went and bought a shower curtain, but forgot to get the rings to hold the curtain up! Wal-Mart employees know me by name by now.

My visa is taking a serious beating! Along with all the apartment purchases I decided to ‘reward’ myself for getting my new job by buying some geeky tech toys, including a computer speaker system that is guaranteed right on the packaging to get me evicted with the sheer volume it generates. Oh well, I deserve it, right? Well, it’s on its way, regardless. =p

lady di really did me a huge favor and got a weekend setup for di and bender and girlie and I to get together! Nicely, it coincides with great western days in cudworth, which, coupled with the Saskatchewan centennial celebrations, is going to be a great excuse to get completely blasted, and will be hella fun. I’m slightly shy/nervous about *actually* meeting girlie, but quite excited because it’s going to be a fun weekend regardless.

Well, back to work. Funny to be saying that, hehe. I’ll be around to check out my favorite bloggers as soon as I have some order to the apartment.