just now, i turned 858,244,761 seconds old. jeez, that sounds old. (check out http://www.paulsadowski.com/birthday.asp to check your info)

not much to say really, but I like to blog, so I’ll say it anyways.

my band is getting together to practice today, our new bassist should probably have his shit together for at least 5 covers we play, then we’re gonna get on some more writing.

one more carload of garbage to move in before practice..i’m also going to try to check out furniture stores (get that new place all bling bling’ed up) and some more gyms if I get time..

the girlie that I’m wanting to get to know better lives too far out of town..ugh, it’s making a comfortable meeting in a short time period inconvenient. not that I don’t have other things to do anyways in the next week, but still. let’s go get crunk!

well, I gotta put some oatmeal down and get on with it. those that are new to my space coming from jen’s space, check out the other blog stuff. sometimes I do have intelligent things to say, really. try: