so, tada. one half day put in at the mines. i had to get up a little earlier than my body is used to make the commute and get in on time. i’ll tell you, meetings are just as boring as I remember them. I definately outyawned the rest of the participants by a large measure.

i guess it’s ok, getting back into ‘normal life’. i was starting to get a little antsy without a job but moreso, that extra real spending cash. i called today and got all my hookups ready, power, phone, and ‘net. i don’t bother with TV when I live by myself..isn’t that crazy? i do have a nice TV, but it’s only used for movies. I find cable/satellite TV so non-interactive, brain draining that I couldn’t be bothered. plus, the cool channels you might actually watch once in a blue moon are usually all separated onto different packages so you have to pay a king’s ransom just to watch what you want sometimes. screw all that.

and phone. meh..they gotta ding me for a message system and their base long distance package that both happen to have respective ‘administration fees’..and you’re pretty much required nowadays to get name and caller id. like, keep nickel and diming me, pricks. i think you would be shunned by your friends these days though, if they come over, you get a call, and they see you don’t have call ID. imho, call screening is sooo..dumb. answer your fricking phone if it’s ringing and you can hear it, that’s my motto. of course, my music is always cranked so I can’t hear the phone =p

ah, real life.

EDIT: added some pic of my friend’s kids julia & joelle’s 1st birthday party proceedings, and a hilarious company name spotted on a van whilst in saskatoon this weekend.