so what was all my second guessing good for, anyways? i got a call today and was offered the job I interviewed for last week. i have to drive in on monday to attend a meeting and sign the necessary papers, otherwise I start on the 20th.

so much to do all the sudden. I need to celebrate, of course..(it’s a celebration, bitch) this weekend. (EDIT: ok, now I have accomodations for the most part taken care of. just gotta do the move in..)

then there’s all the hookups and address changing, new gym, adjusting to the time schedule. I sold my furniture when I moved out and went to Europe, so I’ve got to get all of that stuff..all I’ve got now is a bed and a coffee table..(it is kind of cool that I get to buy new furniture that isn’t going to be upholstered in 70’s floral patterns.)

I’m starting all over again. I don’t know how I feel about that. excited, anxious, confused, bittersweet..