jam today, auditioned another bassist..everyone was impressed..we all want him to come back in to play again, fer sure. we even got him on some of our originals..amazing how a bass guitar fills everything up soooo much. he liked our tunes and some of the covers we played, so it looks like he’ll be back.

yoko made us some spicy logos and cover art, and they are quite splendiforous. it’s coming together..just gotta keep writing. in typical office space sense, i’ve decided I don’t want a job. I never really liked bills either, I think I’ll stop paying them. i’m sure there’s some provincial or federal government scam going on that I can get free money out of, anyways.

i have a dank dark dirty delirious devilish deceptive entry I will post (maybe) later. for now, supper calls and the computer whine only aggravates my tinnitus.