someone referred to men’s underwear this weekend as ‘a banana hammock’. now that’s funny.

still no word yet on the result of the job interview..i was told the interview team would re-convene this week, the winning candidate would get a call and the others would get a letter. it’s wednesday, and I start to question whether I got it or not.

i hate questioning things, it leads to me thinking of the negatives. these days I try NOT to attach negative meanings to everything. i think a lot of us go through life giving false meanings to the things we experience. (yes, here we go

for example – when a friend is late to come and meet you somewhere. you could find a bunch of negative meanings to it. ie, maybe they’re a jerk, maybe they don’t like me, they’re always like this, they’re not dependable, they’re irresponsible. or you can find positive meanings. ie. maybe I overloaded them on a busy day, maybe they are doing something for themselves, maybe I didn’t properly communicate the time to them. I’m finding that when you give people the benefit of the doubt, even when you’re wrong, they try to live up to your expectations. It works the other way around, too. When you assume the worst of people and communicate that, your worst fears can take shape. 

what this really stems from is an email i got two nights ago from a girlie. I’m hoping to get to know her better and I really can’t interpret any particular ‘feeling’ as to how interested she is, etc. and then the brain works overtime trying to figure out what the email ‘means’ and trying to make a judgement call on how she feels without actually really knowing.

for you coupled people – bah, I know. i worry too much about these relationship things… I used to be a lot more happy go lucky, and I’d like to go back to being that way, being so anal is not me. but don’t try to tell me you didn’t have fears when you were single & dating..i don’t buy it.