you know what I’m really liking?

the number of male scent related products coming out in the last couple years. one big player in the market is axe, of course, with the deodorant bodyspray and now shower gel.

i think generally, women have always been predisposed to caring more about their, skin, clothing, shoes, and scent. there are a ridiculous number of scent products for the ladies..hell, you have a store dedicated to making y’all smell pretty (body shop) – and I think product manufacturers have been wise to jump on that as early as they have.

I know I appreciate what scent can bring to the package. My favorite, (especially in summer), is women wearing light and flowery or fruity scents. vanilla or berry scents really do it for me. the key is always to be subtle, though. bathing in elizabeth taylor shit is going to kill people.

but, as I was saying, axe is doing really good things providing some of the products for men that have existed for women for a long time. I for one feel like a total stud walking out the door with that subtle manly aroma surrounding me.

does it really deserve a product market for men though? do these products have an effect on the women? there are so many scientific studies recently showing the effects of particular scents on people in many areas..sexuality, comfort, trust, etc.  I would fathom the answer is yes.