some nights it floods my head more than others..this piece wrote itself on the drive home from the cancer association’s relay for life.

why did it take so long to sever it?
a false start with the wrong foot, we were always doomed
hatred is too gentle and too lenient a word for how I feel for you now
how could you beg for me to stay with the stench of your lies still fouling the air?
when once we shared a cornucopia of special and unique moments
now, a vacant lot of grey matter too tarnished to fill
casual mention of your name, most vile filth spoken from unintentional lips
no matter,
I have again chosen lonely’s lashes
soul’s scars cushion me from her cruel whippings
searing strikes are nothing but a constant dull ache
oh yes, i’ve made my bed, but i’ve not had a good night’s rest for ages
none of this is fair