wierd. I leave iTunes on when I go out for the night playing random music..I like to see what’s playing when I get back. tonight, Robert Palmer – Bad Case of Loving You. good to know Robert doesn’t write music anymore.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately..it’s either been the bad dreams of her, or something? wakes me..and it’s been 3 or 4 times a night. I think I need a change of venue..sleep on the couch or something? usually a few nights in a different bed makes things better.

Yep, I got a call for a job interview..good for me. Problem is, though it’s full time, it’s another 2 year term thing..not permanent. I’m quite tired of that shit. I’ve got two other applications in though for permanents and will hold off as long as possible if I get offered the job to see if I can snag one of the others. It might be a little awkward, and you gotta be careful you don’t communicate to a potential employer that they’re automatically relegated to second best…but oh well.

If it comes down to it though, I can’t afford to pick and choose. Neeeeed money. I started to enjoy a lifestyle when I was employed that I rather enjoyed..and I’ll almost never ask anyone for money. I love being independent, and I can’t stand to owe anyone money, even if it’s interest free and they’re good friends.   

anyways, cross your fingers! your eyes too, if you want..they may stay that way though.
(do send pictures if they stay that way)