what is it about the act of ‘waiting’ that makes it difficult, especially when other people are involved? it struck me today as strange how circumstances can make waiting either an enjoyable or anxiety filled experience.
  1. When at work, I was quite happy to quickly do my part on a task and hand it off to the next person, who needed to perform a process before I could continue working on it. Often this alleviated some stress and gave me some lag time so I could do other work. (or fuck the dog, complaining that the other person is holding me up, if I was so inclined).
  2. sending out resumes for job hunting. You do your bit to apply, then you sit and wait for the hiring party to perform it’s process.
  3. waiting for christmas day to open presents
  4. waiting for someone to call you
Lots of different examples, one with a definite fixed period of waiting (#3). I would say example 1 is an exception however, and generally, waiting on ‘something’  produces anxiety. And yet, all you can do is wait until the moment arrives, being anxious doesn’t speed the process. Sure, you can poke and prod the ‘waitee’, but more often than not all you’ve done is bug them and taken time from them they could’ve used to provide you with an outcome.
My theory is: It’s usually not the period of time waiting encompasses that causes anxiety, but trying to anticipate the result coming at the end of the wait. It’s human nature to be uncomfortable or even afraid when it comes to the unknown, and it’s also human nature to speculate about possible outcomes and their how and why’s.
Given that, I’m tired of waiting. I’m going to do something else.

All that aside, Drea has a super entry with kids saying the darndest things about relationships..giggleworthy for sure, go check it out.