This piece came about kind of as aftermath of thoughts from attending the funeral this week. Some of the thoughts that came to me:

  1. Life really is too short and precious to not go for it all the way while you’ve got the ability to do so.
  2. Life can be here one minute and gone the next.
  3. When you consider your problems in the larger scope of things, they really are infinitely small and not worth all the drama and worry we put into them.
  4. Things all seem to happen according to some grander scheme of design and reason..and they always seem to work out for the best in the long run.

also..I’ve gotten a lot of great comments from everyone in blog land, and I thank you all. Here are some of my favorites on relationships and starting over.. 

  • "… need to not worry about it. It will happen when it happens"
  • "It is better to live with the possibility of rejection than to live with fear of rejection….With the possibility of rejection comes the opportunity to live with the comfort of acceptance."
  • "Never lose sight of what your heart truly wants. If those wants are pure…you will get exactly what you want and beyond."
  • "Maybe I’m just a pipe-smoking ass, but I think when you are with the right person, the difference are still there, but they are more tolerable."
  • "No matter what… There will be no settling! I don’t care how difficult it is… I don’t care how crappy lonely feels."
"Life is a gift we forget to acknowledge
Love sees through the eyes of our grandmothers
Time passes by without consent or apology
I will try to give back all that’s been given
I am spirit name, dreams of fame, layer of blame
Possessed of thoughts that I cannot explain
I am clan brother, like no other
Given to smother desires from which I can’t hope to recover
 I am hopes embraced, then laid to waste
Fearing the fate of leading faith and love into disgrace
I am hidden fears, house of mirrors
Both more and less than I appear
But Who Am I?" –
who am i, breach of trust