• turns out my resume was never received at the potential employer’s, which was why I never got a call for an interview. luckily, i have an insider friend who works there yet, so I got to re-send my resume after the receiving deadline. nice. i have one other resume sent in, and another job to apply for monday. soon..
  • bullet point form is fun for blogging.
  • all paths I have available to me to get my luggage piece back which was loaded with souvenirs from Ireland and some personal effects have failed. it pisses me off ‘cuz I had bought some gifts for people and was anxious to give them..the rest of the stuff is replaceable. the current consensus is that canada customs destroyed it, without even sending notice. you bastards! it gives me another reason to go back to ireland though. I have lots of reasons as it is, anyways.
  • I have a mental aural ‘vision’ for how things should sound in the music our band is creating. I worry sometimes that I might seem a bit overbearing to the rest of the guys. I make a lot of suggestions and stuff and pick, but they seem to tread on eggshells around me. Hey, suggestions are good! I never take it personally – I want the music to kick ass! I want it to kick YOUR ass!

last night was kind of wierd.

  • drank a few whiskeys over at a bender’s house. bender decides that he wants a soul patch like mine instead of the goatee/mustache he’s got. somehow we come to the decision that I must shave it..so I do. both completely drunk, not sure that it was shaved completely straight..
  • i came home and I think I left some comments on some spaces..so..not sure where they were, or if they made sense. my apologies
  • this afternoon i’m goin’ golfin’ at the fabulous wakaw lake golf course…(wakaw is spelt the same way forward and backwards)..i think it’s an old indian word meaning ‘village full of shitheads’