i’m gunna be a sod farmer when I grow up.

no, no i’m not.in fact, if I ever see sod again, I may vomit furiously in all directions. ALL DIRECTIONS. including your direction! yes, YOU.

  • sod laying went well. I just don’t hack manual labor all that well. thank my lucky charms I had my iPod so I had something for my brain to digest other than the origins of the word ‘sod’. oh yeah, my brain went there.
  • i like wierd things. for example, I take some sort of pleasure from getting my hands really dirty, and then washing them and seeing the water from the tap turn muddy brown in the sink. isn’t that wierd?
  • punishment in the form of workout at 8 tonite, rest of weekend pretty much planned out right now.
  • girls are cute. except the ones that aren’t cute. but man, the other ones, they are cute. women are cute, too. old ladies, not so much.
  • corrupt system’s first ‘real’ song is really taking shape. now we need to write 11 friends for it to sit beside on a nice sparkly CD y’all can buy four copies of. (and get a merchandising company so you can buy the genuine corrupt system cockring and earmuffs, too)
  • the creative process is much more fun than duplicating another band’s creative process. i know there’s at least 2 perfectionists in the band that won’t ever finish fucking with a song though, hehe.
  • no call for interview. oh well, hire a wanna be from heinz or something and get what you pay for. I’m the shiznit when it comes to programming. you might even say I’m the rick james of programming. er, no wait..
  • LOST = gooooooo. i’m going to forget what the cliffhanger ending questions were in 6 months, buttheads. haven’t series writers figured that out yet? (or do writers write for people other than me, with higher memory retention?) damn good show, though.
  • ouch, a ‘1’ rating on hotornot.
  • awesome, a ’10’ rating on hotornot.
  • all done blogging for today.