hardcore, with a heart of gold. that’s me. those that noticed the stuffed animals on the last entry, yeah, they’re mine. you get them from telemiracle for donating.(telemiracle is saskatchewan’s own yearly televised charity marathon for a group that helps people with physical or mental disabilities) if you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.

another day in saskabush. to the gym again and then hopefully a full band practice afterwards, and hopefully a writing session. i didn’t get the burgers yesterday, and will probably not do my grocery shopping until friday.

the long weekend is oh so close..I’m going to drop some booze, my inhibitions, and my pants, and go crazy. (not necessarily in that order). the forecast has turned upside down too, so maybe there will good weather for pantsless fun!

lots of birthdays, don’t know if I will get to acknowledge them all in their own proper time, so I’ll do the run now: Happy Birthday kram, marl, and future sister in law. May your next year on planet earth be full of pantsless ass-hattery!