>today i updated my resume and sent it and a cover letter out. it’s really..wierd to have done that. first of all, I haven’t updated my resume in over 2 and 1/2 years and that was a bit of a mind stretch even with the documentation I had. second, I’ve been out of the workforce for a long time and a lot has happened since. the job I’m applying for is at a former employer’s and seems a decent fit for me, except for one requirement in the ad. it’s entirely possible I won’t get a call for an interview, and it’s also entirely possible I’ll get the job.

this is the only one I’m going to do anything about this week though. after may long however, I’m going to have to go all out. I’ve held on as long as I can so I could practice with the band a lot, but I need to get outta this town and back in the big city.. I really need some money.

big wedding coming up soon. kram and I played in the groom’s easy listening adult contemporary jazz folk band for a while and are still buddies with him somewhat. by my count over 600 people from town are invited to the dance..and especially given the family involved, it’s going to be a ridiculous piss up. the groom said he was negotiating band equipment so there could be an impromptu jam. man..2 drunks in suits trying to play instruments..good times. those are the best weddings, eh? when you are good friends with everybody there, you have no wedding responsibilities, and there’s a loonie bar. what more do you need?