man, I feel drained. this week is just started and I can’t wait for it to end. kilometers of of sod to put in, painting, workouts, haircut, band practices, writing, cardio, walks, getting the cabin cleaned up and stocked, and getting a resume updated and creating an application for jobs..ugh. it’s all a matter of prioritizing, right? bullshit. i’m glad I don’t have a job or kids, i’d be fucked. at the end of this week, i just bet there’ll be a raging party maniac that will rip out of my skin and cause everyone to stare and rub their eyes in disbelief.

on the bright side, the weather forecast for may long weekend changed from 7 and rainy to 23 and sunny. nice job, weather network. keep me’s a suprise what’s going to happen, right?

ah well. life..ebbs and flows. I’m not the only one to ever have had a crazy week..everyone has had weeks like this and will no doubt have them again..

cheeky munkie bumlookers!