i really am too shy. I was gonna post something deep and thoughtful, but I’m just not in that headspace today. i had a good night last night and i’m chillaxin’ today so now is just not the time to do it.

funny what happens when the old married codgers get out on their own free of the wives. they may have lost the ability to hold their liquor as well, but they sure still have a lot of fun. the ol’ boys got pretty tooled and were laughing most of the night. it was really good to see, even if I was DD and couldn’t be stupid too. well, yeah, i was stupid anyways, but that’s my job.

figures, check the forecast for May long and of course heading into the weekend, the temperature drops to single digits and rain is expected. like, fuck. i’d say only in saskatchewan, but that’s probably not true. ah well, we’ll bundle up..not like the weather’s ever stopped people from getting blotto before.

I’m thinking I will be in Saskatoon every day this week for a few reasons, one – to really work on some songwriting..two, i’ve got a free weeks guest pass for mawson and will probably try to get in every morning to hit the crosstrainer machines.