man, this new mudvayne cd is whack. their drummer manages to play completely in time but he’s never even close to a 4/4 beat you usually hear in rock/metal. whoa. drummer envy.

today, nekrekker invited the band to his place for a BBQ..I’m bringing bender with me – I don’t think he’s been out to see a show since nickleback. after the bbq and a couple beers, we’re going to catch a g’n’r tribute band. doesn’t really matter if they’re much good, it should be fun anyways. i love live shows..i could go see one every weekend.

a couple ‘musical’ people don’t go to tribute shows ‘cuz they are purists and believe the band should present their own work, not just play another band’s stuff. meh..I still like g’n’r. there’s few people that don’t like them..they were HUGE in their time. they made good music, and I never got to/will get to see them live. so this is a good thing for me.

EDIT: The band was alright..decent enough. We’re like a bunch of children when we go out, I think. Hehe.