it’s a celebration, bitches!

BREAKING NEWS: a fuzzy bush rabbit hangs around our backyard! i saw him while doing yardwork. then i chased him and he ran headfirst into a fence. i don’t think he liked that.

LESS THAN BREAKING NEWS: gah! a liquor vendor has informed me that my favorite whiskey distiller (highwood) may be quitting production. Some people have called it garbage whiskey..but it’s my favorite..I haven’t yet confirmed this story. Stay tuned for future broadcasts.

today was clean up the cabin day. make sure the pipes didn’t freeze, get the water system running, rake the leaves, clean up the firepit, vacuum tree seeds off the porch. i really don’t have anything more exciting to say. no venting to do, no nothing.

there better be some good blog reading to do out there

EDIT: seems like the spaces community I visit is dead, LOL. 28 of 30 blogs all devoid of updates.

most of this doesn’t mean jack shit to the rest of the readers, does it? That’s what makes blogging so great.