elevated fitness level is really paying off. for me, spring and early summer is my time to eat cleanly and do a little more work to drop the winter fudge. all of the last month’s workouts I’ve been watching my training partner do a set and just be amazed at the results he’s achieved..then I’ll lineup and rip through a set and he’ll be grinning at how big and cut I’m getting. it’s a double whammy of goodness that way. especially him, he’s like a lot of my friends nowadays (i must attact these people?), where he could eat 7 meals a day of donuts, pizza, and pure uncut icing sugar and not gain any weight. it’s rewarding to know my training plan and nutrition advice is producing some nice results. I could probably be a personal trainer if I didn’t hate people so much =p

aannddd…YAY, summer is on the way. there’s a green sheen starting in the trees and the grass now that the snow has finally (?) decided to leave us poor flatlanders alone. and that makes me hyper!

the kickoff to summer is usually may long weekend at my parent’s cabin. and again this year, my buds and I are getting together to let off winter steam. I can see and hear and smell everything. The smell of burgers and dogs cooking underneath layers of sauce on the barbeque, feeling the cool breeze drift in off the lake to the porch, people yakking and beers clinking, coolers nearby filled to the brim with liquor and ice and cheese and buns and more burgers and dogs. ahh..can’t wait