there’s a hair in my frickin’ oatmeal. not that it matters, my oatmeal is plain and tastes like unflavored glue (nothing like that tasty white elmer’s glue). I can only hope the hair might give it flavor and texture. it’s good for me to eat oatmeal! my cat’s breath smells like cat food. her name is mittens.

right, so thanks one and all for comments on my previous post. it’s interesting how women and men can have the same meaning behind the things they are saying but say it so differently. i’m generalizing of course but – examples..

Men: Dude, that ditch pig was no good for you anyways, fuck her!. Let’s get you a hooker and get you blasted this weekend. Everything will work out. You can even puke in my car.
Women: Life is a journey of discovery and character building and your breakup was just another of these events. Everything will work out. Keep your chin up.

Hah. Anyways, I’m headed in for a bit of practice today, and probably to hit the gym. kram and I get to rent a new PA system today..I’m scared to go into the music store. Since I got ‘mature’.. I don’t really have a toy store. I’m not big into cars or whatever the fuck male macho men have for other hobbies. I’ve got music..and I need to wear blinders in the music store. ‘Cuz I will buy things that just look cool that have no element of practicality to them. 

on the band side, nekrekker has been saying that we should start playing shows in june/july that’s exciting. I wouldn’t mind even a couple outdoor venues just for buds to come and drink beer at and request stupid songs.