You can’t have manslaughter without laughter.

Yep, back from Calgary in one piece. I had a really great time visiting with redec and his wife. (didn’t even know they got married, eheh). He’s one of those friends that you can just pick up where you left off. Been 6 years since I saw him last and yet all the same humor and old mannerisms come right back. I felt so comfortable there and welcomed by he and his wife. I really have to make a point of visiting more often.

There’s a lot of people I’ve met in my lifetime I’ve been a bit jealous or envious of because of of what they have, and let me tell ya, redec has really done well for himself. BUT, I’m not jealous of him, and let me qualify that statement. Because I know with redec that he deserves all the things he’s got now and he’s a great person as well as a hard worker. I always knew, even when a certain person chewed him out, that it was only a matter of time before he was going to be a really big shit. So cheers..and thanks again for having me.

And, as you can imagine, long drives to and fro breed many thoughts. To be honest, most of my 16 hours driving I was zoned out or thinking about how long it was until the next town with a service station, so I could urinate madly. But..

I got to thinking that I kind of got off the track with the blogging thing. First, I started because it was technology and it was cool and ‘cuz nekrekker had one. Then I started doing content and was struck at how it was an online way of doing what I was doing for years in paper journals. Lastly, I think I tried to make it into a popularity contest and visited popular blogs and tried to make my blog more visited and the content more entertaining. I guess a lot of people do it for any of those 3 reasons, and that’s fine. For me though, what blogging is really about is putting your thoughts down, and I think I’m going to be less of a blog pimp and focus more on keeping a accurate journal. Of course, if I have readers from my pimping efforts that enjoy or want to comment, I welcome that. I now have a few favorite reads too out there that I’ll be checking. So many ‘things left unsaid’, in my case anyways, deserve to be put down somewhere. Maybe those things even deserve to be seen.

I was also thinking because of the online nature of these, there’s a lot of things I really
censor in an effort to appear less vulnerable, and try to entertain some imaginary audience. I should know by now that’s bullshit. I want to stay true to myself. So I’m going to blog all my stupid thoughts, and the depressing ones too. Whatever.

I had a load of depressing things on my mind about 5:00 while driving today, but a switch in CDs changed my outlook, and I forgot what those nasty thoughts were. So I have nothing else to report than the other new entry below.