whoa..power outage last night..whole town ist kaput for 5 & 1/2 hours.

i was having some crazy dreams and generally having a poor sleep when I heard the power turn off. I guess I’m just used to the hum and buzz of appliances, the furnace, etc..can barely sleep without some white noise in the background. You also notice in an outage all the LEDs and little lights that usually blink or throb aren’t there to provide light. Anyways, I was startled enough by the sudden silence, blackness, and complete stillness that I decided to get up to hit the bathroom.

So, having done my thing in the bathroom, I got back to bed, giving my door a little push. In my room, there is enough of a draft that if my door isn’t completely pushed closed and latched, it will open of it’s own accord. It’s both creepy and annoying. Sure enough, five minutes later and just starting to drift away, the door flies wide open from a wind gust generated draft. This particular night I had wire close hangers hanging from the nob to take down to the laundry in the morning. The combination of the door flying open with the hangers clanging to beat hell … let’s say it disturbed my chances for sleep for a while. It took a while to calm down after that, eheh.

So, this entry, breakfast, and then I’ve got an 8 hour drive ahead of me. Wee! This is going to be a great weekend, I can just feel it. Happy Mom’s day to all the mom bloggers.