yep..burnt my body out.

I remember when I used to do 70 minutes of cardio, 1.5 hours of weightlifting, and a walk in the evening every day..i was hardcore. guess i gotta build up to that again

I did get into my old gym today (all but 2 faces out of 30 I didn’t recognize, guess things didn’t change while I was in europe) to do an hour on the good old elliptical machine, and made it through decently. 3 hours of drumming today, and a weight training session tonite. you can find the strength to do just about anything if you’re really serious about it, I guess.
my socks reek something fierce from all the activity today. YES!

two days ’til my road trip to cowtown..from one stinktown to the next. change of scenery and stink will be good for me.

*UPDATE: browsing blogs a bit tonight, I see a lot of bad things as far as net safety goes. People..please don’t post your full name and address and DOB online. It’s just too easy these days for identity theft or stalking or all sorts of innappropriate things for children under age to happen. Be careful with your information online, ok? I used to do some work in school divisions to outline the dangers in information technology really have to be careful..if I can access your blog you can bet somebody not as nice as me will too.

one day I woke up and I found that nothing was as it seemed
one day I found that nothing was left of perfection but perfect memories