Did you know that the gelatin in Jell-O is derived from animal cartilage? MMmm cartilage..

ahh..the 5th of the month..the most magical time of the month. why? because my visa billing cycle ends. anything I buy on the 5th this month I don’t have to pay for until the 30th of june..it’s like all those ridiculous buynowpaylater offers with the brick but, with stuff I actually want to buy.

i did get a chance to book a haircut today, just a trim. I love small town hairdressers. for the small trim she’s going to do, she won’t accept anything more than $5. I know if I went to ultraslut cuts (absolute bargain basement) in saskatoon they would ask a min of $13 for the 5 minutes of work.

i gotta be looking decent if I’m going to be in the calgary bars, with all those buckle bunnies (girls that only fuck cowboys) around. maybe I should polish my 5 pound 12 inch belt buckle, wash my wranglers, clean up my boots and spurs, and don my 10 gallon hat? YEEHAA!? stereotypes are fun aren’t they? as long as you don’t take them seriously, that is.

kinda felt bad, nekrekker offered a chance to get together this weekend at his sandbox for milk & cookies. we’ve only been out together as a band once outside our work environment. I think we’re all pretty simular with regards to interests, personalities and stuff. I’d say we get along pretty well. Especially since kram and I have known each other and been friends for such a long time, I’d like to go about increasing our cohesiveness.

I think my blog entries are more interesting when I have something to rant about. Lunatics are always entertaining.