I put up a new gallery of pics to be narcissistic like everyone else. Being a sheep is the way to go if you want to pimp your blog, I tell ya.

still fixing kram’s laptop. Well, re-installing everything back on it plus antivirus and antispy. Plus getting rid of his not so secret porn stash, which was what was really slowing it down. I kid.

It’s not going fast, ‘cuz I’m trying to determine what makes a blog readable and what people like to see and will come back again and again for (the laptop is a little old school, also). Not that I will do anything on my blog to enhance it once I figure that out, but at least I will know.

thinking of being crazy and getting up early tommorow so I can get into the city and put in an hour at my old gym. I kinda miss it. Then go to Denny’s, which I also miss.(why, I dunno. I eat cleaner nowadays and I guess I miss eating instant artery clogging food) It will be a full day tommorow with cardio, drumming, and gym in the evening. We’ll see how late kram’s obsolete typewriter takes to install office.

Sign the guestbook if you came. Figuratively came, not literally. Well, maybe sign it either way.