what a blah day. coulda been because it was monday, I dunno. I did get in to practice some drums, and I’m going to the gym tonite. meh.

i need a haircut, but I’m supposed to grow it long so it can get all streaked and sexy. maybe a wee trim is in order. being shaggy isn’t as much fun as you’d think. meh.

i just wanna get outta town for a couple days, y’know? i’m glad I get a chance soon. I’m in that ‘dunno what I wanna do and everything I can do here doesn’t interest me’ . so apathetic and bored and lacking ambition and out of it.

think i’m gonna try that blogger’s 101 exercise. I will probably do it moreso as a self-discovery excercise than to pimp my blog.

that doesn’t mean I won’t pimp my blog in other ways, don’t worry. I like to pimp the blog like the whore it is. Blog whoring forever!