inspired by the blogs I read today.

Question: Technology has been invented to help us in innumerable areas of our lives. Yet when it comes to human relationships and the social area, what have we done for ourselves? I hate to use the term ‘re-invent the wheel’, but it’s true. It’s what we all do.And we watch our friends and children and parents and peers do it. Almost all of us make the same mistakes, sometimes many times over, and deal with the same problems when it comes to relationships of all kinds.

You know them. Betraying someone’s trust, putting trust in someone who betrays it, dealing with ended relationships (relationships can come to an end in many ways, keep in mind) and struggling to move on, lies, deceit, dishonesty, changing, growing apart, growing pains. Why is it that alcohol and psychiatrists are our options to cope? Why is it that we have to make the mistakes individually and learn individually, then try to cope and support collectively?

Isn’t there some science or technology that could just let us bypass all/some of the rocky roads and get to the real enjoyment of life from the time we are born? Isn’t there a way to segregate each individual from those that will do them harm mentally/physically/spiritually given a set of personality traits/beliefs that are imcompatible?

Spiritual or religious people might say this is our test, our trial to see whether we make the correct decisions and develop into worthy citizens for heaven. Others may say we wouldn’t take joy in the good without experiencing and triumphing over the bad. I’m stuck, personally.

"How did I get here tonight? What am I doing here?
How did I reach this state? How did I lose my sight?
I’m Lost, i’m freaking! And Everybody Knows. Everyone’s Watching.
So here’s all my hopes and aspirations. Nothing But Puke"
-Detox, SYL

My Definitions: A ‘whore’ is someone who will fuck anyone for money. A ‘slut’ is someone who will selectively fuck for attention.