nekrekker brought yoko to the jam today. that meant no farting, burping, funny dancing, shitting our pants, or placing various instruments near our crotches in an attempt to show off our phallic fortitude, etc.

yeah, ok, we did that anyways. we are all gentlemen, after all. anyways, yoko is a talented and creative artist – she came to get a feel of how we work together, and the aural environment we create, to enable her to envision some artwork for our upcoming opii

kind of a lazy bum session. we are dumping some cover songs that we aren’t as enthusiastic about and testing/fistfighting over new ones, just a bare minimum of song writing went on today, kram had ideas for a 2nd tune, liked most of them. one crazy riff in there, wee.

put a new pic album up of the band and yoko from today’s session. The theme of this jam was apparently ‘Play with Soul’. thanks for the photography yoko, and please don’t break up our band to do a naked solo album with nekrekker.