ever threw up whilst on your hurried way to do it in the bathroom? ever looked at the design on the carpet you made with the regurgitated mushroom filled hamburger helper to see if it was geometric or resembled anything? ah, memories.

i shall roadtrip next weekend. it’ll be a gas, I bet, and i’m looking forward to it. sometimes you don’t get to do a lot of visiting with friends that live far away, or don’t stay in touch as often as you should. that’s all I’ll say about that.

Questions that I can’t answer. Try it, it’s fun.

If you dropped a cat headfirst off the empire state building with a 25 pound weight secured to it’s head, would it still land on it’s feet?

Why do we drive in parkways, and park in driveways?

If the PowerStripe on the new deodorant sticks is so great, why don’t they just make the whole stick out of powerstripe? Why give you the shit that only half ass works on the sides?

Why are hemorrhoids called "hemorrhoids" instead of "assteroids"?

if a zebra were in a black and white movie, would you see it?

And one last self-discovery question. If you were to describe your personality by picking an animal that best matches it, what would it be, and why?