lemme tell you a secret, I work out regularly. i started about 2 years
ago, after discovering, like in a lot of areas in life, I had settled
for less than what I deserved. I lied to myself that I was happy with
how things were. Ever look in the mirror naked and think, that’s just ok?
that’s good enough? my girlfriend/boyfriend/family loves me the way I
am? I did that all the time. I didn’t want to work to prove to myself I
could get better.

I was tired of that shit. maybe it’s my
opinion of generation Y, but people my age, I feel, can procrastinate
the shit out of everything. to give us credit, there are more pressures
on us nowadays then there ever have been on any generation. and we try
to work smarter, not harder. RIGHT?

now, there are some people
that go for a jog or yoga, try to lose weight or tone up, make
healthier diet choices.. and that’s all great. get out and do
something for yourself and your body. You can’t fuck your body around,
‘cuz it will pay you back for your negligence, please believe.
if you’re sitting around right now and you haven’t done shit for
yourself in forever and you are full of excuses why you can’t in the
future..stop reading my blog. There are too many people that don’t have
capable or healthy bodies and minds that would appreciate all these
things we take for granted.

anyways, speaking of intensity,
there’s something about working out, jogging..whatever. if you’re doing
it properly, you reach a zenlike state where nothing else around you
exists. it’s just your mind and your body, and they have a little
conversation.(it’s the same as playing drums for me really) One
of the attached pics is of Jay Cutler, an inspiration for me. This goes
to show you, like in other areas of your life, you may never be 275
pounds of pure muscle and have a 6 pack that pokes out eyes, but you do
the best you can for yourself. I don’t deceive myself
into believing I’ll ever look like Jay, but you better believe I’ll try
to top last-week’s Peter. The other photo shows no doubt that I’m
giving it my all to get there. I may look silly, but I ain’t doing it
to show you how sexy I am. I’m doing it for me.

I’d say something campy like just do it, but Nike would probably get on my back with a lawsuit. so how about..FUCKING DO IT! You know I will be.