So. Random thoughts. Or completely ordered organized thoughts? You get both, or neither, for free.

I was talking with a friend t’other night about gender differences, and somehow that awful reality show (which i watched religiously for some reason) Average Joe came up. If you haven’t seen it or purposely changed channels whenever you accidently landed on it, here’s the premise. First seasons were where a group of completely average looking guys compete for a gorgeous ex swimsuit model’s affection and some sort of ridiculous cash payout and vacation. The producers mess things up a few episodes in by introducing a bunch of bodybuilder/hunky dudes who also enter the competition. Somehow? the series usually ends at a point where the woman must choose between the shallow unintelligent beefcake and the personality laden average looking man. Both series ended in the woman picking the beefcake.

Enter series 3. Reverse the show. The premise is backwards. A gaggle of middling to very attactive ladies with differing personality traits compete for a former average joe. I thought I was going to be vindicated. "Without a doubt, this man will show the world that men are not as shallow after the initial lust wears off as women are." WRONG. He chose a fucking shallow drama queen whose hobbies include shopping, clubbing, sunbathing and dressing her minpin in different sweaters.

What’s the point of this? Have no clue. It really started off as a rant session about women. And believe me – I will complain a lot to myself about how ass backwards women and their games are. (You fuckers have some degree of personality clusterfucking going on about you, you can admit that) . I have no fear of angering women – and given what I know of women – the soap operas, the mood swings, the love of drama – I know in a wierd way women like that. But given my story above, I’m going to take the soft and sad angle.

The truth of it all is that there are very few men or women out there that have all areas of their lives together, career, family, friends, personality..then take a cut of those to produce those that are unattached, then take another swath through that number to get someone that has simular interests and ideals/beliefs that you do AND is a person different enough to give a relationship together a spark and a joie de vivre, passion, make things interesting. You know what kind of number you’re left with after all that? I don’t even want to begin to speculate how low the number could be.

It’s a wonder single people don’t walk down the street punching coupled peoples.