Look it up, you know how to use google if you made it here. It’s german.

Lalala. While I was outside leaning precariously out over a roof painting stuff and augmenting my sunburn, I came to another rant. Perhaps my favorite topic. Music.

How did I get there? Well, I have been planning a road/getsmashed trip to Calgary lately. Calgary is known mostly to Canadians as ‘Cowtown’. The beltbuckle/boots & spurs/ten gallon hat ratio MAY be higher there than toontown, HOWEVER!

Saskatoon. Oh man city, I love ya..but really. Let’s take Pantera & Motley Crue for example. They come to Saskatoon and barely manage to sell 1/3 of SaskPlace (sorry Credit Union, i don’t give a fuck how much you sunk in there, the venue will always be SaskPlace to me). THEN, people like Shania Twain will come in and sell out TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I know she sells everywhere else..but then again, so will Motley, and most likely Pantera. And then, in SaskPlace, there is a banner waving stating "Where the stars come to play". Guess who the ONLY rock star is in there. Gene Fucking Simmons of KISS, with his tongue dripping blood. His photo is sandwiched between Waylon Fucking Jennings and Britney Fucking Spears. WHAT?

Now don’t get me wrong here – you WILL catch me in a right mood and my feet will tap – and, secretly, I know most of the lyrics and will sing along to Shania Twian under my breath. My playlist has got things in it that would and have made my bandmates laugh and point at me. BUT, it has variety. Kenny Rogers, Ace of Base, Cannibal Corpse, Eminem, Boyz 2 Men, Metallica, ABBA, and 2 Live Crew ALL get playtime. And there’s more, you know there is.

A friend put it pretty well the other day as my repeat Metal song of the week blared again in my car as we hopped in. (Guess what the song is?) He said something to the effect of – "It won’t ever be my first choice of music, but I admit it is catchy". That’s the point. Eminem doesn’t have millions of fans because they’re all angry white men that want to punch things. THAT SHIT IS CATCHY!..and funny too. Remember Livin’ La Vida Loca?

Now, I’m not saying all country fans go buy an SYL CD, or metalheads vice versa, Shania Twain. I’m saying, don’t let record stations (especially the Rawlco mind numbing syndicate here in Saskatchewan) or your favorite music be your guide as to what to listen to 24/7.

Do yourself a favor RIGHT NOW. Remember a CD your buds/galpals listened to that was a little off the edge when you were partying? Go pick it up. Or, one of my absolute favorite things to do when my music is stale, find that CD in Amazon.CA and see what else Amazon recommends, or other consumers bought that was simular. Buy one of those CDs. You’re out what, 15 bux then? Or grab a Spanish instrumental CD, or a jazz CD. Challenge yourself with something different, you might be suprised. You can always put it away and never listen again if you didn’t like it. Or sell it to me. Maybe you’re not artistic like I am, no matter, but it inspires everyone.

And being inspired drives us to be and do better as humans.