do ass clowns wear ass-hats?

so..i got pissed to the gills last night. god did i make a mess of myself. first the bbq at b&d’s, 3 beer. rye at marlon’s, and then to the bar. had at least 10 rye and 2 china whites, then get a case of beer! I think i had fun at the bar and some afterparty. It’s all a bit blurry—

i ended up getting bad space, got frustrated, and stomped away from marlon’s house, then proceeded to air drum breach of trust songs (and rap my knuckes with a pair of big 2B stix more than once), and make innappropriate comments on several message boards. I just don’t know how to just keep having fun and not be a bitch.

Today of course, i had to drive to the city for a jam. 3 hours of sleep and I could swear I was still under the influence. i gagged on a shit protein shake that was lumpier than aunt fanny’s smashed tatoes on the way in. strangely enough though, I was able to pound a lot of shit out drumwise while wearing a mike myer’s mask. (including SYL’s Love?, which I’ve listened to over 400 times now and still can’t remember where I am in the song with near a full band to complement)

huh. and I think we wrote a first song today! Well, by me I mean Mark and Jesse bent each other’s riffs into a series of verse, chorus and bridge, and I played something to go along. those guys are so talented and creative..and wierd. DO YOU WANT A PUNCH IN THE HEAD JESSE? "YES I DO!" "GIVE IT TO MEEEE" *crazyeye*

Yes Corrupt System! maybe I should start writing lyrics. I know I have more than enough inspiration now to write 30 metal CDs worth. life hands me lemons and I write lyrics. huh?