i feel like Robin Williams in ‘One hour photo’ checking out all these blogs. it kinda feels wrong, but in a way, you put that shit up for everybody else to see. so..someone else said it best on their space. change your f*cking msn space to public. i visit the people who visit me, and leave comments if I can intelligently comment on the blog subject at hand. if your blog is private, I can’t do that.

not to be a nerd, (well, i am), but..the new Star Wars hits theatres on may 19th. i will not be camping out. but I will probably see it the day of or after in theatres. lucas made a mockery of the series and I will still stuff money in his fat bank account. it’s like my addiction to vern’s pizza. you know it’s wrong to pay for it, but you still hand over your money drooling wide-eyed.

speaking of doing things that are probably wrong..gunna go see a 80’s guns n roses tribute band sometime in may – and they’re really not even that good from what I’ve heard. and i’ll go whether anybody comes with or not.

on to things that are good – the new family guy episodes (season 4) start rolling May 1st! They had better kick some serious ass